Our Story

A global team with a shared, central focus

Solving complex problems starts with the right values and the right people.

Moving forward with a value-driven strategy

The 4C name was conceived from a value-first approach for our patients and doctors – which is why Care, Commitment, Choice and Change are more than just concepts to us; they are the very foundation on which our company was built.

This is reflected in the team that we have spent the last several years assembling that spans compliance, cultivation, technology, engineering and healthcare. A team with the sole focus of revolutionising medical cannabis for both patients and doctors in the UK.

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Creating and sustaining a medical cannabis platform

We are primed to scale with the market and have considerably lower set-up costs when compared to many other cannabis companies.

Our state of the art lighting, fertigation, HVAC and digital technology ensure that we have offset risk by automating a significant portion of our grow ops, as well as considerably lowering our operational costs through energy efficient technologies.