Cannabis Products

Delivering GMP Medical Cannabis to the UK

We’re one of only a handful of domestic medical cannabis cultivators supplying the UK market.

Providing access to GMP Medical Cannabis

We believe that UK and European patients deserve access to medicines that have been tested, certified and grown organically using proven cannabis genetics.

That’s why we have invested 3 years in designing a pharmaceutical-grade cultivation facility, underpinned by automation, a modular design and two decades of Canadian medical cannabis expertise.

Medical cannabis from experienced growers

We’ve focused our efforts on becoming one of only a handful of global companies to develop a 55,000 square foot GMP medical cannabis facility operating under the strictest pharmaceutical, production and environmental standards.

These operations are spear-headed by one of Canada’s most experienced cultivators who has been growing and refining cannabis genetics for the Vancouver Compassion Club for over 25 years.

Sample Cannabis Genetics

Jet Fuel Pie
Plum Driver
Girl Crush