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Certificate of Analysis

Organic Gold Butter Mac


Organic Gold Butter MAC is a certified organic, indica-dominant hybrid, grown in living soil using natural sunlight and purified rainwater. This innovative TGOD™ original Medical Cannabis pheno is grown from a Peanut Butter Breath x Quebec Gold male, and a MAC-1 female. The result is a truly unique cultivar, with large floral buds, well-defined traits and unparalleled consistency. All TGOD™ products are slow dried and cured resulting in a product that smooths the patient consumption.

There is more to Medical Cannabis than THC content, this strain has minor cannabinoid and terpene profiles that are a product of a specific plant breeding program and are detailed in the COA.


22 - 26.4%


Peanut Butter Breath x Mac1


10g Bottle

Dried flower content %
THC 22 - 26.4%
CBD ≤1%
CBN <1%
Terpenes 1.5-2%
top terpenes %
d-Limonene 41.5%
β-Caryophyllene 31.4%
Linalool 14.5%
β-Myrcene 10.8%