Why Medical Cannabis?

Paving the way for accessible cannabis treatment

4C LABS is streamlining the way patients access medical cannabis.

Medical Cannabis offers a new type of treatment for chronic pain, sleep disorders and anxiety…

The therapeutic potential of cannabis is increasingly becoming public knowledge – supported by decades of research and new regulatory reforms.

Despite the growing support of cannabis as an alternative medicine, surveys have shown that 1.4+ million people across the UK are still relying on illicit cannabis to treat chronic health conditions.

UK patients deserve better.

Conditions* treated by medical cannabis

* Medical conditions for which medical cannabis is frequently prescribed


Cases of anxiety disorder reported in the UK

Mental Health Foundation


Individuals suffering from chronic pain in the UK

bmj open


Reported cases of fibromyalgia in the UK

Fibromyalgia action uk


Individuals with dementia in the UK

Alzheimer’s society


Reported cases of epilepsy in the UK

Epilepsy society uk


Individuals suffering from rheumatoid arthritis in the UK

bmj open


Reported cases of cancer in the UK

cancer research


Individuals suffering from Parkinson’s Disorder in the UK

Alzheimer’s society

Medical cannabis offers a new type of treatment, where conventional medications have failed

most common conditions among medical cannabis patients

bmj open

UK patients deserve access to safe, medical cannabis products

With the UK medical cannabis market still in its infancy, there is significant opportunity for ethical companies to solve the most pressing pain points: supply chain challenges, effective products and improved prescription processes. That’s where 4C LABS comes in.

We’re streamlining and simplifying the medical cannabis ecosystem through every step of the supply chain.

Production and Distribution


Our GMP-certified facility and distribution centre are strategically located in close proximity to the UK

Virtual Clinic and Pharmacies

united kingdom

Our user-friendly telehealth clinic provides a fast and seamless process from first click to prescription delivery

Patients and Physicians

united kingdom

Our proprietary framework and highly-targeted Step System product line simplifies the prescription process